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Fee Structure

The total fee that shall be charged from the selected candidates is Rs. 1,75,000 (Rupees One Lakh Seventy-Five thousand only). This includes the tuition fee, examination fee, library fee, computer fee, hostel rent, charges for electricity, water and other miscellaneous charges. The cost of mess charges will be borne by individual candidates/sponsoring agencies.

If student is not availing the residential (Hostel) facility, the same will be refunded after completion of the M.Phil. Programme.


S.No Components Fees (Amount in Rs.)
Academic Fees
1 Tuition Fee 50,000
2 Computer & Internet fees 10,000
2 Teaching material & Library charges 9,000
Sub Total 69,000
Amenities Fees
1 Alumni 3,000
2 Hostel rent 55,000
3 Medical purpose 2,000
4 Student Welfare fund 1,000
5 IIFM Development Fund 45,000
Sub Total 1,06,000
Total 1,75,000
First Instalment 1,05,000
Second Instalment 70,000
Caution money 10,000